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Welcome to Natural Therapy London

Is it ready yet? That’s the question that has been asked of me for the past year.

As a cosmetic formulator I have a tendency not to respond to that question. The moment I do it implies my creativity has reached its peak and that I have stopped working, I feel I can’t stop working even if I tried (case and point, I am currently working on a cream and lotion I can’t wait for people to try).

It has been what feels like a very long road but it is now ready; Natural Therapy London has finally received the attention it deserves and is able to put its best foot forward. We are able to showcase our wide variety of products from our face and body washes to our rejuvenating balms and pedicure mousse. It is quite literally everything for use from head to toe.

We have spent many hours formulating both the products and a website that we felt best portrayed the uniqueness of our products and I think you will agree we have done that. However, rather than harping on about the back and forth between all those involved in this venture and all the sleepless nights (there will be other blog posts for that), I simply ask that you allow the products along with the website and the wealth of information it holds to speak for themselves. We look forward to reading what you have to say in the comments.

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