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Where can I purchase Natural Therapy products?

Currently you can buy the entire Natural Therapy range through our website. We are currently in negotiations with retailers, working closely to start selling the Natural Therapy range throughout the UK in a store near you soon.

Do you test on Animals?

Neither the raw materials nor the final products are tested on animals at any point during the development of our formulations. Natural Therapy London is strongly against the practice of animal testing and we do not employ any third party to test on animals on our behalf.

Are Natural Therapy products organic?

Our products are completely organic; we source only the highest quality ingredients in order to present our customers with the best possible products.

How can I find out about becoming an authorised seller of Natural therapy products?

We believe in the quality of our Natural therapy range and are constantly searching for partners to expand the availability of our products to consumers. You can contact us on or call us on 020 3417 2020. Our sales team will be more than happy to assist you whatever your needs.

Are Natural Therapy products Hypo allergenic?

We strive to use ingredients that are mild and gentle on the body, however if you have a specific allergy, you should always check with your Doctor to determine whether a product is suitable for you.

Once I open a product, how long can I use it for?

Please check the ‘Period after opening’ symbol that states how long the product can be used for after opening

Are Natural Therapy products suitable for Vegans?

Absolutely, all our products are suitable for vegans, you should try them and see for yourself!!