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What’s your Natural Therapy?

I have spent over four decades in this industry and have come across many products and the people who abide by them. In some cases a person simply uses what they have available at the time, others have say a certain shampoo, followed by a certain conditioner that they must use. I myself do not have a set regiment (presumably

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Natural Therapy Gift Box

What do you do when you’re spoilt for choice?

I personally prefer to go with the shiny new option. This approach has served me well however I have regretted it on more than one occasion (particularly at restaurants). This is why I have always appreciated the assorted spread any and all gift boxes provide. There is the ‘shiny new option’

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Welcome to Natural Therapy London

Is it ready yet? That’s the question that has been asked of me for the past year.

As a cosmetic formulator I have a tendency not to respond to that question. The moment I do it implies my creativity has reached its peak and that I have stopped working, I feel I can’t stop working even if I tried (case

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