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About Natural Therapy

Founded in 1991 with the aim of formulating only the purest and most natural skin care, hair care and body care products available to buy online, for your benefit and enjoyment. We strived to develop something better than the everyday products with their harsh chemicals and the result is our Natural Therapy range.  A scientific breakthrough, all our products are uniquely crafted with love and care. Our effective formulations, containing only natural plant, organic and edible ingredients are completely vegan and made with 100% natural gels.

Unlike other cosmetics, our balms do not contain the usual chemical ingredients, but simply natural plant derived ingredients and organically grown (and edible) ingredients, making our products gentler and more caring for your skin.

All our products are made by us meaning that they have been thoroughly tested in our dedicated labs to ensure the product that reaches you is of the finest quality. We govern every step in the manufacturing process be that bottling, labelling or selection of premium ingredients for our formulations, so you can buy in complete confidence!

For more information please see our ‘Ethos’.

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